Thursday, March 5, 2009

Collab drawings+Homework

Our availability! Looks like we are meeting at least once a week, Mondays at 12. NOTE: This upcoming Monday will be a pho meeting, then we can mosey to the library before the screening. I'll book the big study room with the whiteboard for 2pm."THIS IS AN ALPHA. THIS WEEK, LETS DISCUSS COLOUR (his outfit mostly)"
Sam concept sketches/reference sheet from Sterling.
A more dynamic background for the Mummy scene than the direct one we've got right now. We need to make the backgrounds more dynamic!Uh, this is a continuation of the above drawing; so there's the mummy scene at the top, rubble and amphoras and etc. then at the bottom it dissolves into the treetops into the next scene (horror movie.)
Ideas for more dynamic shots for the horror sequence. DYNAMIC DYNAMIC DYNAMIC Below are some thumbnails of the mummy and horror sequences; playing with the camera.
Brendanfraser faces the camera, holding a torch. Can we have a gun in a G-rated ad?... I'm guessing no gun, guys.
Brendanfraser turns to reveal the MUMMY! who was standing there all along just wiggling around or whatever in the darkness. One of those cheapo GASP scares. You know the one.
SUDDENLY, our musical hero, our argyle-clad Sam, slams open the sarcophagus he was hiding in, knocking Brendanfraser out of the scene. Sam then slams his left hand onto the Mummy's face with a PG-rated sticker on it and sings, 'OHHHHHHH!'
(Transition is missin; but it will be a downwards pan from the mummy scene to the horror scene through the rubble then trees as seen in the messy concept drawing above.) Masked murderer Jason (no relation) looks over his shoulder at the camera, revving his chainsaw.
As Jason turns around, Sexy Victim is revealed to be cornered at the trunk of a tree! Leaves start to fall from above Jason's head.
Jason RAISES his chainsaw, and then-
BLAMMO! Sam finally frees himself from the trees and lands on Jason's head....and, singing, he slaps an R-rated sticker on Sexy Victim's face before dashing off to the next scene, in the Princess' bedroom!


I almost forgot to mention; HOMEWORK is to draw some 'solid' character and background designs. NOT detailed (unless you have the time) but at least something that will definitely evolve into the final product. (You know what I mean by solid. I don't actually mean SOLID solid. I mean, more like a Jell-o consistency. Right now, for the most part, our drawings are like hair gel consistency.) WE HAVE ONLY 6 WEEKS. Please bring drawings to the pho meeting at 12 on Monday! (or at the library afterwards.) WE ARE ALL BARK AND NO BITE unless we get some serious drawings done, people. The passion's there, the talent's there, now let us all put it to for real paper instead of only napkin drawings. <3 FROM STEPH


ccker said...

I've tried to download the AWESOME videos off my cell phone but it seems I need a program to do it! who knew- I don't think I got a cd with my cell phone.. anyways the videos will, hopefully, be uploaded soon. Once I figure it out. right
SEE YOU MONDAY.. at pho? or at school?

Steph said...

At pho! :D