Friday, April 24, 2009

It's bus-iness... It's busi-ness TIME

Dear everyone,

Chelsea and I put together a newer rough version of the draft yesterday and submitted it to Ruth Vincent (a professional in the animation field who said she would go over it.) I got a quick reply from her saying that we should ask for as much money to start up as we can, and if the 'max' was 5000, then we're on target, Chelsea!


David- Update this blog with a link to a wiki or a Ning or something we can post everything on. I think we should get more of a file-sharing and community thing going rather than the blog. (Not that the blog's bad, it just won't be as appropriate anymore, in my opinion. Agree? Disagree?)

Sterling- Draw a 'good' picture of Sam. No shading or anything necessary, just proper character sheets that will reflect his final look.

Chelsea- Look into production schedules on the Animation World Network to go over with me?

Carmen- Think of all the production tasks that we'll need to deal with? Think about your scene, maybe? If they decide to keep the different styles cut, then your 3D might already be in the bag, provided with a couple of touch ups if you want.



Collaborating with John's group. Since we're both probably going to work at the school, John's group and ours will be able to pool some of our money for shared resources. For example, insurance, software, and a supervisor. We are meeting on Sunday at 4pm to discuss this at his home near 4th. If you're free, please come.

There is a pitch on Monday at the BPCPA office from 1pm to 1:30pm. If you're not busy, make it a point to come; the clients will want to meet you.


During the pitch on Monday, I'm going to present our final PSA for Darren's class. They are currently unaware that we have animated it in different styles. If they like it, awesome. If they don't, we'll have to adjust our production schedule, budget, and responsibilities. I'll update this with more info on Monday and will upload the info from this Monday's meeting as soon as I get home to scan them. If I think of anything else, I'll make an edit, and if you have any questions or suggestions or WHATEVS please post them, or phone me, or etc. etc. etc.



ccker said...

sure I'll look over some scheduals... I have work until 3 so I may possibly be able to come to this meeting on sunday- (I may have a softball game that night??)
I HAVE MONDAY OFF whoo so I'll most defnitely be there...
uh. I'll call you on sunday If Im FO SHO going or FO SHO not going (I'll have know where john lives too).

kurai_tenshi said...

I'll go through and break down what we need to do scene by scene, but after the meeting, if they don't like the different styles, I'll rework the tasks before uploading everything?

Steph said...


And that sounds good, Carmen! Depending on your time, maybe make two general lists for both versions? If you have time, break it even further?... I don't know. Just so we have something to look at.

OH! And please order those tablets, if you can. We get the cheque on Monday and I've made a new chequing account specifically for BPCPA.