Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey guys, so I decided to check out what the prices were with the new intuos 4s. I'm specifically looking at the medium ones right now (6 x 9) and Futureshop has them listed for $549.99 CND and I'm guessing that's how they'll be priced at most commercial locations.

So, I talked to the guy from Memory Express in Calgary and we can get the medium intuos 4s through special order for $469.99 CND, but the price depends on the economy cause they'll change the price in accordance to CND versus the USD.

Hit me back with what you guys think? Cause we'll have to put in an order as soon as we can so that I can pick them up and bring them back in the next few weeks??




Steph said...

That's awesome! And that's without PST, right? Thanks for checking that out. I'm going to say 'yes' on this, but I'll only be certain after the budget proposal/pitch on Monday. :S

kurai_tenshi said...

yea, i just quickly did the math and with the GST only, each tablet will be $493.49 versus $615.99, so we'd be saving like $122 for each tablet which is gonna really add up in the long run.

As far as budget goes, I think we're looking at $2467.45 for all tablets.

ccker said...

Excellent! Im a yes too but yeah I agree with steph to see what they will say at the proposal