Thursday, January 8, 2009

Toni is dead.


So TONI. Sterling, Steph, Chels, Carmen and I are in a group for Collab. Anim. Promises to be a fun tiem, and we're all super excited about it. I can't wait to see what this will turn out like, because i've never been excited for an assignment like this before.

Also. I gots R4, Toni. And Steph and I played Crystal Chronicles together and it was superfuns. Steph was tanking it up as the swordsie, and I was shooting arrows, sometimes at her.

You need to make a Euro Post soon.

Also. We miss you.

I am trying to get Claire into this (she has gmail now) but she doesn't have blogger. Let's fix that! We all miss her =(

AND SO ends my tangents, except that I was smitten with the idea of anim.student fighting character sprites, but also that I remembered I owed you anim.student tactics game sprites. But whatev yos, whatevs. How bout you say something here first, homes.


ccker said...

Our group couldn't have worked out better guys- I too, am also very very very excited! We are going to rock some socks off of the .. rp.. cp.. rpcpdp..r. yeah.

Steph said...

Toni, we gadda play some Mario Kart on the wifi with anyone here with a DS sometime.

Also, much excitement for the collaborative animation project. I was thinking; should we set up a wiki or a blog or something for that, too? Somewhere we can keep everything? Facebook? Blogspot? Bueller? etc?

Euthanasian said...

That sounds like a good idea. We should see what sterling and carmen think about the easiest.. thing... to use.

Also, leader-who?

Zed Last said...

All right all right, I'll bloody post something. You guys keep me posted on your sweetass collaborative project, yeh?