Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Backgrounds - Final look

These aren't the final backgrounds (hopefully) but this is how they will be layed out. They should give you an idea of how to frame your shots. If and when we make the final animation, ideally some of these will be remade for higher resolution and details. However, I like how watercolours work on these backgrounds. Should all of them be made in watercolour or just some? I understand that some of you may want to do your own backgrounds to fit the character of your scene, so post in the comments what your thoughts are.

ALSO: i added in the overlay of the tank from the "Cloverfield" scene just because of how badass it looks lolololo

-Sterling sparkleshark triple-D lagann xtreem


Suitable for viewing by persons of all ages. Occasional violence, swearing and coarse language, and the most innocent of sexually suggestive scenes and nudity, are permitted in this category.

In lieu of this, we can show the guns, tanks, etc as long as their use doesn't portray explicit violence. So as long as brendan's pistol or the tank doesn't fire, we should be good.

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