Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday March 27th: MEETING

Yo homes.

SO...I believe we were planning to meet at Posh on friday at 11:30, but now that we need to sign up for grad panels should we relocate and have lunch eleswhere at like...10:30? Or should we all just meet at school and go for lunch afterwards, come back and work or...something else?

We just really need to iron out our submission package on friday @.@


Steph said...

The e-mail said that grad panel sign up was from 12-4? 10:30 is brunch, not lunch! I vote for lunch after.

Also I realize David can't really eat at Posh if he's coming?..

kurai_tenshi said...

shall we just rendevouz at school round noon then?

silly steph, posh doesn't open till 11:30, lazy asians.

ccker said...

hm well I'll be at the school at 12 then

Steph said...