Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vancouver Here I Come (Again) ???

Sooooo, I've been deliberating, pretty much since the day I arrived back in Scotland, coming back to Vancouver in the summer for a visit! For two or three weeks maybe. Before I went ahead and booked any flights though, I was wondering when exactly everyone would be around in the area. I know we all live fantastic jetsetting lives and I'd hate to turn up and for no one to actually be around in Vancouver... So, I was thinking of coming mid to end of June, after the Annecy festival, or end of July/start of August depending on whether or not Carrie from second year animation is coming over to Edinburgh for exchange at that time.

Also, I was going to take a gamble and not book any official accomodation. Mainly because I'm sure my old flatmates would put me up, but also I thought it would be an interesting experience couch surfing for a few weeks, if people were willing to put me up...

Anyway, if anyone is interested in seeing me (*nervous laugh*) then let me know when you'll be around in the summer and I'll do my best to join you in beautiful Vancouver! :D


Euthanasian said...

CLAAAIRE. If you don't mind couch surfing for a while, I have my own apartment now (gasp) and it's a one bedroom. That means I got a living room and couch available to you if you need it! =)

That is, if you're comfortable staying with a boy?

We can harass Toni into staying too if that would make you more comfortable.




Steph said...

Yeah, yeah! I'll probably be working at EA, maybe I can see if you can visit me for lunch or something... Probably won't happen, but I can try.

I have a couch too, and a guest bedroom (my older sister's) which could come in handy if you need a late night KD binge or some more Halo in your life. OH! Or Resident Evil 5!!!! I got the demo!!!

Anyway, yeah, let us know if/when you visit and we'll go hang out in fake China and stuff. <3

Steph said...

PS- Watch out for that David, I hear he's kind of a creeper.

kurai_tenshi said...


When does the animation festival in France end? Cause I'll be in calgary for the majority of the summer and I'll be back in vancouver for the anime con in mid june and late august to beach bum before school starts.

MAKE SURE I'M HERE WHEN YOU COME TO VAN!!! I'll be so sad is I don't get to see youuuuu~

Claire said...

Yey, some lovin :D David I would very much like to stay on your couch for a couple of days, I have no problem shacking up with lad friends :P

At the moment it looks like I'll be coming over end of july/start of august. I could change that to end of august though, Carmen, if I'm right in assuming school here in Edinburgh doesnt start again till october... I'm still waiting to hear back from some folks about when would be best but I would like to see you aaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!

Zed Last said...

Aaaa yes return of the Claire. You're welcome to stay with my folks too, if you can bear the thought of being in Burnaby. Burnaby!

Mah birfday's in August, come here and bake me cake. And laugh at the convention people, oh god you could see the freaks!

kurai_tenshi said...

Yea I should defiently be back here by like mid august ^^ I needa come back and soak up some vancouver rays on the beach before school starts!