Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vocal-less Melody Draft 1


So I have my hands on the first draft of the instrumental track of the melody. This is vocal-less, so it might not sound too much like the melody Steph posted, YET. Since the melody Steph posted was the vocal track, we all assumed.

I hope you guys like it!

Courtesy of TJ Niu and Ian Locke.

Gimme all yo' feedback!


Steph said...

I'm liking this! I'll play it at home with the piano tune to see how it'll fit, but I think it fits pretty well so far (from what I can remember.) It's catchy!

The beginning sounds a bit like 'when the saints come marching in.'

kurai_tenshi said...

Maybe I'm musically retarded, cause I can't really visualize the vocal melody that Steph created with this right now lol, but it sounds really good! I'm excited to see how it sounds with the vocal melody on top of it though ^^

The end of the song is especially catchy!

ccker said...

hu. This is totally different. When Im singing it out its so much longer and stretched out. Its a wee bit long as well- remember there is a pause where the two people are buy tickets.

Criticism aside its a nice melody. I can picture mr. argyle man swinging away in my head- in all honestly though, I guess Im struggling with it because it is so different from what we have been working with.

Euthanasian said...

Points taken! This is the first draft after all, but I'm going to make TJ's cousin work faster for the second draft. TJ has also said he expected a slower melody and also, shorter.


I can't form the song myself, yeah?

<3 you guys and sorry for the timing of this.