Monday, March 9, 2009

I am fail.


As you may or may not know, D
avid doesn't have a key anymore, so that requires at least one person to stay at home. Sucks. And it makes me feel like a burden on eeeeveryone. But at least I am getting my own place VERY soon. (Speaking of which, I kinda wanna ask you for some help regarding moving, Steph... Paid dinners wherever you want, included...)

But it's not like I haven't been doing any
thing. I've been drawing a lot regarding characters that I should be drawing. I've thought about it and since the scenes were divided as Carmen - Action, Chels - Disney (I think?), Sterling - Monster, that left Mummy and Horror up. I thought I'd try out the Horror scene since I personally think Steph would pull off the Mummy scene much better.

I'm currently working on the voluptuous victim right now, but I have a couple of design ideas for our masked murderer. Tell me what you think.

There are two little doodles of him, one of them has a... different... kind of outfit. I gave him an apron and some dish washing gloves. I was kinda thinking like... scorned dishwasher at a restaurant kinda dealeo. The one on the right is just more of a typical, everyday murderer design, using Sterling's doodle as reference. Plain white tee and jeans probably. With hair that is just as practical. Anything to add? Anything to edit?

I am thinking maybe the fun outfit would leave the audience thinking "WTF?" too long, lingering on why he is wearing that. But who knows? Maybe the one on the right DOES get the point across in a more direct way? I dunno. You guys tell me!


We agreed on cheerleader right?... right?...


kurai_tenshi said...

Actually, FYI, Steph's taken up the horror scene I believe.

Steph said...

I'm not lying when I say I love your cheerleader, but, ahhh! We all need to find a best way to communicate! :O I just brought a huge bunch of sexy victim drawings to school today; here is one taken to a limit:

And provided the van is accessible, (until I get my N, I must have a 25YO driver accompany me- ie, my mom, so I will need my mom to be accessible... but in the least dirty way) I am more than happy to help you move, you know that! :D

Steph said...

Oh- and another; I didn't get a chance to even think of a 'proper' design for the murderer, and I think the psycho dishwasher is actually quite clever.