Wednesday, March 18, 2009

David's Key Pose test #1

Ok, here's my keypose test.

I had the runs yesterday (and on the B-Line too actually...) so I didn't go to school, and I thought I could go to school today, but my stomach is still gurgling... I'm not risking another pair of pants...

So here will be a link to my stuff.

Also. I just realized Darren will be reading this.

...Oh well.

BLAH. I was gonna talk to the design drawing teacher too to see if he got my email. He hasn't responded to me yet.

Enough of my shit (figuratively and literally!), here is the key pose... Kind of untimed.

One of these should work


Steph said...

When I click on the link the Internet breaks.

Euthanasian said...


Is it ok now? It works on my mac...